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Colección 2013 Monochromatic Culture de Kieran Harris para Heading Out

Inspiration drawn from monochromatic trends of colour-blocking and Pop Art references was the foundation of ‘Monochrome Culture’.

“I wanted to create a collection that shows how pop culture and contemporary art have a strong influence on current trends, not only in hair fashion, but how these two elements co-exist in today’s styling” says Kieran Harris.

Bright Warhol undertones throughout the collection are apparent with bright pops of colour; starting with a red Japanese Samurai’s ‘bushido’ style along with a vivid green 1950’s mid-sheer cut with tapered sides and smooth rounded quaff through the top, paying homage to Elvis Presley.

A bright blaze of orange and razor cut hair extensions create a shattered shape in another image with a soft balayage look, softly transcending from dark to light.

While another canary yellow image has drawn on productions such as ‘Boardwalk Empire’ and ‘Underbelly Razor’ commercialised popularity of speakeasy styles from the 1930’s.The horizontal finger wave look has been captured with a modern twist, leaving it textured and undone.

The 1970’s is captured in two of the images firstly in a steely blue.
The ‘New Romantic’ trend is suggested with the use of steely blue coloured hair extensions, reflecting the current trend of pastel colours with a style inspired by bands such as ‘Culture Club’ and ‘Duran Duran’.

The final ‘party pink’ image features tight corn rows and a tumbling ‘chewy’ texture that pays homage to the nostalgic and experimental looks of the 1970’s.

Photographer Karla Majnaric called the collection “a vibrant rainbow bust of colour, reminiscent of Andy Warhol’s Silver Era”


Hair Director: Kieran Harris for Heading Out Hair and Beauty Australia

Photographer: Karla Majnaric

Make Up Artist: Naomi Manning

Stylist: Elaine Marshall



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