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Colección 2014 Hy.Brid de Jack Morton para Toni & Guy



Noun: A thing made by combining two different elements: a mixture.

Adjective: Of mixed character: composed of mixed parts

Jack’s collection, Hy.brid, is defined by mixed character and varied inspiration, an amalgamation of memories and classic pop culture references. It is fresh but relevant.

Believing the most important element in driving hair trends is the creative youth, Jack is always keeping his eyes open on the street and heavily researching various personal blogs and Tumblr pages for inspiration, striving to get a sense of what young creative talent is doing and where they draw their own inspiration from.

Designed to best reflect the key elements of the colour, Jack’s styling within this collection, has been carefully planned to support and distort texture and silhouette, whether to emphasise a strong perimeter or focal point, provide sleekness to showcase definition, or create waves to enhance rippling.

Influences are subtly drawn from the gritty finish Steven Klein uses in his photography, the way Middle Eastern dress is designed to conceal the face, and the over-straight texture of the 90s.

Jack’s palette and colour placement are also heavily influenced by hair colour’s finest era, the 90’s.

With swatches inspired by Jack’s childhood candy favourites and the recollections these conjure, he has created bespoke tones including Sherbet White, Blackcurrant Millions, Dip Dab Red and Peachy Tooty Fruity.

The application of this colour takes influence from cloud formations and the way in which clouds reflect the urban landscape at night.

In addition to using brushes, sponges were also used to work these unusual colour combinations into the hair by printing the product onto the hair as you would on a canvas, and also to help drag the colour horizontally across sections to help give a more warped feeling.

These unexpected influences make for a fresh and playful collection which beautifully represents and inspires current and future hair colour trends.


Hair and Styling: Jack Morton

Make-up: Molly Oakfield

Photographer: Matthew Webb

Salon: TONI&GUY Georges



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