Colección 2016_1 Ukase de Rokk Ebony

International Trend Vision – Young Talent bronze winner 2014, Scott Condon had one task on his mind for this collection – to make his models look strikingly androgynous.

A rokk ebony principal stylist, Scott took a client-based approach, looking at the models’ face shapes, the strength of their hair and suitability of hair for certain looks.

“None of the models were professional,” Scott said.
“Some are clients or friends and others were approached cold on the street.

He said this shoot was not a case of pre-determining the six hairstyles and making them work on the model but the other way around.

“Each girl was more like a canvas for me to paint on, rather than a mannequin having a look plonked onto them,” he said.

“The looks emerged from looking at the model to make a total look that was unified by taking inspiration from their features and the fashion styling.

The only external creative influence were lines and geometry reflective of these elements becoming present in fashion.

Scott said the idea emerged looking at current tattooing that is not the traditional coloured picture rather lines and optical illusions.

“I am thrilled with the result as some serious short to medium cuts evolved using colour only placed to enhance line,” he said.

“The shoot is really about the Hairdressing 101 but revisited as a senior hairdresser as a test to see how well I can do.

So what is the greatest sign of success of a radical change or new haircut? To Scott, it’s when all models make contact in the days after the shoots to say how much they LOVED their new looks.
And that’s what happened.

Happy models, happy Scott!


Peluquería/Hair: Scott Condon + Charlene Fernandez
Maquillaje/Make-up: Rob Povey
Fotografo/Photograph: Elizabeth Kinnaird
Styling: Jessica Jade Komljenovic

Scott Condon + Charlene Fernandez
Elizabeth Kinnaird
Rob Povey
Styling: Jessica Jade Komljenovic


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