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Colección Otoño-Invierno 2014-2015 de Servilles

A sentimental pairing, Paul and Judy first met in the 70s when they were both emerging artists in Auckland.

“She was 21” says Paul of Judy, “I was looking for androgynous models to work with and Judy had beautiful hair, beautiful curls”.
“Auckland was very small in those days, everyone knew everyone” notes Judy.

The similarities are in the way in which they work within their own fields, Servilles and Judy Millar are inspired by the use of material and technique, forever in search of the never-seen-before.
There is a looseness and a playful aspect to both of their works.

Servilles Winter 14 campaign brings art and hair together.
“I wanted to have an art gallery-feel about the campaign and straight away I thought - Judy” says Paul “We have a good relationship and I love her work.
I sent her the concept and Judy said, ‘yeah let's do it!’ I didn't think she would!”.
Judy was very keen to be involved “I am always interested in seeing my work in different environments.
I have no interest in keeping my work restricted to a gallery”.

Bold hair styles referencing pop icons and experimenting with new ideas, are photographed against Judy Millars large scale works, unmistakably colourful and with brave, almost swooping brush strokes.
Paul says “We wanted the hair to appear very raw.
One hairstyle was looking too nice, so we puffed colour onto it through a straw to mess it up.
The paintings went so well with the techniques we used, there was a real raw-ness to the whole thing.
Lots of hairdressers like the refined look, but that's just not us”.

The campaign celebrates the need to create something new, to keep pushing the boundaries and finding new ways of working inside both a hair salon and an artist's studio respectively.
Both highly respecting of each other's works, Judy and Paul thoroughly enjoyed this process in collaborating works and ideas.


Hair by the Servilles Creative Team

Photography by Andrew O’Toole

Make-up by Kath Gould

Styling by Dan Ahwa

Models are Amanda, Izzy, Evan & Laura from 62 Models & Talent, Liv & Amberley from Red Eleven Management.



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