by Damien Rinaldo

Damien Rinaldo’s new collection, Fray, is a progression from his 2015 Australian Hairdresser of the Year collection, Bobohizan, continuing his exploration of the inner conflict we go through by regularly asking the question ‘what really is beautiful?’
Challenging the thought process behind how society judges beauty, Damien likes to ask the question “What is normal?” when forming new creations.

“How can we have equality when we still treat people differently for how they look?  I think we are losing the ability to respect the differences in each other,” Damien said.

Always gaining inspiration from people, Damien met a model called Celia earlier in the year whose individuality made her stand out.

“Celia is smart, beautiful and friendly but the kind of model who is never afraid to look different,” he said. “Her bias towards the alternative made her the muse for this collection"

“This enabled me to ask the audience ‘What’s so shocking? Why isn’t this beautiful to you?’”

The resulting collection has a Gothic vibe with edges of punk/tribal for hardness, but with beautiful clothing and jewellery to make it glamourous.
With the hairstyling, Damien created textures in the hair with an emphasis on angles. On some models, he completely messed around with gravity by styling the hair upwards, or used long and short techniques integrated into the one look. 

“They are beautiful, unconventional maybe, but definitely beautiful,” he said.  “I like it when people come up to me after seeing one of my collections and say that they can see the beauty in it, as different as it is.”

Damien’s Fray collection proves that beauty does have a grey area, one that broadens women’s choices and doesn’t require judgement.

Credits: Hair: Damien Rinaldo;
Salon: Boris the Cuttery, Adelaide, South Australia
Photography: Andrew O’Toole;
Make Up Artist: Kylie O’Toole;
Styling: Leticia Dare.

by Damien Rinaldo

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