Colección 2010 de Angelo Seminara para Trevor Sorbie

Transferring original optical artwork from his sketch book to the head, Angelo Seminara demonstrates his true artistic talent in this beautiful new collection. Creating new dimensions and added depth with a revolutionary new colouring technique, the results, combined with Angelo’s elegant, classical lines and shapes, are other-worldly.

With an almost Tribal feel, Angelo’s inspiration comes from the feel and spirit of the natural world; Snakes shedding their skin; the optical effect of light behind transparent veils of fine fabrics; the skin of the Mackerel and Danio fish; finger prints; reptiles; birds and the individual natural grains in wood, rocks and marble.

With the strength to exist together, or simply on their own, each image explores the technique in a different way with captivating, evocative results.

“I love combining art with hairdressing, and so this new tinting technique was a natural development for me to achieve the results I really wanted. I wanted to create something really revolutionary for this collection, and for the overall spirit of the pictures to be like fine art drawings - soft, beautiful and ethereal. My vision for the girls was to create gorgeous astral dolls!

You could pretty much use any colours, but for this I wanted to use very high contrasting optics to emphasise the results and make a very strong statement. I’m so excited about this collection, as I really think it represents the beginning of a new era in colour which could have endless possibilities.”


Hair: Angelo Seminara, International Creative Director, Trevor Sorbie

Make-up: Laura Dominic

Stylist: Leticia Dare

Products: Trevor Sorbie Professional Salon X-Clusive

Photos: Andrew O’Toole


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