Colección 2016_1 A Priori de Oscar Oscar Salons

Ultra-glamorous, voluptuous styling blended with on-trend colour, shape and texture makes up the visually engaging ‘A Priori’, a collection by Jacky Chan.

Jacky’s collection was inspired by the sensational and provocative era of the nineties.

A time where supermodels reigned supreme and fashion designers such as Versace were dressing A-listers like Liz Hurley in barely there dresses held together by safety pins.

The word ‘de jour’ was ‘whatever’ and grunge bands with a new sound set the soundtrack to a new generation.

“At the age of five I moved from Hong Kong to Australia, experiencing two vastly different cultural takes on the nineties in the process”, explains Jacky.

“A Priori aims to contrast the differences between the Eastern and Western culture during the nineties era, taking the viewer on a sensory journey of sight, sound, taste and touch.

With this theme in mind each image in the A Priori collection was painstakingly crafted with facets of nineties glam and a subtle nod to the pop culture that defined the era.

“The 90’s saw a progression from loose, to do-it-yourself, to highly styled, voluminous glamour hair with plenty of product, as seen in the punk resurgence.

I wanted the collection to show the transition from early to late nineties, although my collection has been updated with current on-trend colour, shape and texture to make the collection relevant to today,” explains Jacky.

Each image in ‘A Priori’ pays homage to all things nineties.
The models had very strong classic styles that made achieving volume within the images easy.

To create the texture Jacky used heat-setting hair on many different unconventional tools such as tent pegs and toilet rolls.

Colour was achieved with current trends in mind to give an up to date edge to the collection.

“This era is imprinted on my psyche,” says Jacky.

“I’m thrilled that I am now able to express this vison though such a creative medium using the skills set that I have been perfecting for 12 years.

The direction for Jacky Chan’s first AHFA photographic collection aims to almost depict a marriage between the uber glam nineties supermodel, such as Cindy Crawford, with the grit of grunge legend Kurt Cobain… almost as if they’d had a love-child.

What a beautiful story.


Peluquería/Hair: Jacky Chan
Maquillaje/Make-up: Kylie O´Toole
Fotografo/Photograph: Andrew O´Toole
Stylist: Elaine Marshall

A Priori
Jacky Chan
Andrew O´Toole
Kylie O´Toole
Stylist: Elaine Marshall

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