Colección Otoño-Invierno 2013-2014 Couture Punk de Jo Bellamy Salon

Punk has been a key influencer on fashion and style, from inception in the 70ʼs, continuing through until now, and certainly the years to come.

There are of course contrasts between the concepts of ʻpunkʼ and ʻcoutureʼ, yet at their roots overriding similarities, with punk encapsulating truly individual ʻdo it yourselfʼ style and couture the high end ʻmade to measureʼ.

Punk is certainly having another moment, seen with the 2013 ʻPunk: Chaos to Coutureʼ exhibition at the Costume Institute and influencing red carpet hair and fashion at the Met Gala.

"Couture Punk" displays a sense of the expected rawness, contrasted with soft silhouettes representing a more modern and feminine approach.

It is the colour which is hero- it provides light and shade to define movement and draw the eye to the fall and shape of the style.

The colours are vibrant, a kaleidoscope of shades which meld together seamlessly.

The collection further makes contrast through the considered black and white styling, which provides a backdrop for the color and style to stand out, never to detract from them.

These tailored looks pull the images together to highlight a refined portrayal of punk, a higher end punk, a couture punk.


Colour and Styling: Jo Bellamy, Letitia Booth, Veronika Gojak

Photography: Karla Majnaric

Styling: Emma Cotterill

Make Up: Isabella Schimid


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