Colección Primavera-Verano 2014 Discovered de Carla Cornista

This inaugural collection is deeply personal for Carla Cornista.

It’s testament to a true creative when they are willing to give a piece of themselves, and with maturity beyond her years, Carla has undoubtedly done this.

The collection captures a true insight into her journey as she discovers her place in the world and develops the confidence to sit within that space.

The 90’s era has seen a huge resurgence recently, with grunge and anti-establishment becoming real buzz-words.

Carla’s influences draw from somewhere that sits a little closer to popular culture than counter culture, with the iconic movie Romeo and Juliet a key source.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s trademark boyish style offset the darker sub text simmering under the film’s surface, and here Carla has played with the gothic undertones of Romeo, contrasted by the innocence of Juliet.

Directing each and every element from her incredibly sharp vision, this is an assured collection.

From the styling pieces pulled from her own wardrobe and to the movement and positions for each model, to the raw brick backdrop and the natural lighting, there is a quiet confidence that is apparent throughout.

For the girls, the looks included reworked fishtail braids, stretched and moulded to form a dreadlock like finish. Pulled into one larger ponytail, this look plays with the idea of the classic ponytail and gives it an unexpected finish. This sits alongside a loose yet polished chignon, a textured, choppy bob and an exercise in contrasting texture with tight polished braids offset by teased and soft volume.

For the boys, the look was casual and tousled, allowing the natural hair texture and cut to shine whilst blurring the lines of expected masculine techniques through Carla’s work with length.


Hair and Styling: Carla Cornista

Photography: Daniel O’Connell

Styling: Lydia-Jane Saunders, assisted by Gemma LeVin

Make Up: Belinda Kruse


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