Androgyny means conforming to neither gender perfectly, to mix both identities in the same person, in stylistic harmony.  

But Chey Gale noticed an odd trend in the androgynous aesthetic – it relied too heavily on traditional masculine stereotypes to be truly genderless.  And that was all the spark Chey needed to be inspired to create her new collection Genderless.

It was after studying winning collections from various competitions that Chey noticed the entries fell into two categories.  “They were either really feminine or not at all,” Chey said.  “I felt like I wanted to get away from the stereotypes, tie the two genders together and then push it that little bit further.  Just try to not do what’s been done before.

"I also chose looks that incorporated different techniques and showed off different skill sets whilst still tying my concept together." 

For this challenge, to move forward in the representation of androgyny, Chey drew inspiration from the timeless elegance of the Golden Age of Hollywood, with its strictly gender-coded styles, to provide her sought after balance.

With each model, Chey considered their looks, whether they were more feminine, soft & pretty, or masculine, structured & handsome – and then she introduced aspects of the opposite into the styling. 

“A couple of girls looked androgynous as they were, so I introduced some Marilyn Monroe softness into their look.

“One girl looked like a porcelain doll. We toned down her makeup and hair so it wasn’t so feminine.”

For the models clothing, Chey and Cimone Vozzo decided on high fashion, but nothing too feminine or masculine.

The final look is a harmonious blend of both genders.

Credits: Hairdresser: Chey Gale; Salon: Artique Hair Studio;
Colourist: Marco Giorgio; Photographer: Elisa Mercurio; Stylist: Cimone Vozzo; Makeup Artist: Laura McBride. Collection name: Genderless

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By Chey Gale (Artique Hair Studio)

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