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Portada semanal #029

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Peluquer@.Carole Haddad para CorCorz Hair



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Fotógrafo.Glen Krohn

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The inspiration

Dolce & Gabbana and Valentino catwalk looks have really caught my eye lately. The side part is particularly strong in their shows so plays some part in my collection. The creation or management of texture and curl requires cutting and product mastery.

It’s also all about the length. Whilst the looks are really masculine, female shape and techniques have been worked into hairstyles. It’s swapped around a bit.


  • These days there is so much more freedom with men’s hairstyles. It’s not all about barbering even though it’s a part of the looks of now. Men want to express themselves through their appearance more than ever. They won’t get botox but they do want great hair. Fashion allows what suits them, eg the side part, 1930s part, grunge look and beach look are all within my collection for this very reason.


  • And I get ideas from watching street looks. Corcorz is located in a busy restaurant, tourist, parkland and education strip so we see everyone from top business men to students to holiday makers. It’s fabulous to witness the variety go by. My clients have particular lifestyles and need to look the part whether it be business, sport, positions of authority, school or specific to Queensland outdoor lifestyle and sunshine, so I have them looking up-to-the-minute but also suiting the way the live and how they groom themselves at home.


  • The fashion styling is minimal on purpose. A small amount of decoration by way of necklaces provide some character and flavour to the shoot. These express confidence and self expression whilst collectively suggesting a masculine, tribal feel. This styling is made more subtle with the use of black & white finished images. Any feminine colours are removed to leave solid textures of interest that do not distract from the hair. After all, this shoot is all about THE HAIR.


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