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The collection SPECTRUM is the latest collection from award-winning hairdresser, Lisa Farrall and Fudge Professional, “Spectrum is about customising your hair and creating who you want to be through colour; #beyou. The colour techniques were created using Fudge Professional Headpaint and Paintbox.” Credits HAIR Lisa Farrall at Wig London for Fudge Professional (@lisafarrall @wig_london) PRODUCTS... Leer más +


Credits Name of collection: Clash Hair: Jess Sutherland Salon: rokk ebony Toorak, Melbourne, Australia  @rokkebony Make-Up: Georgia Freedman Photographer: Elizabeth Kinnaird Stylist: Joseph Leone   Inspired by: The contrast of culture, ethnicities, texture and beautifying looks that would usually be considered unattractive  


Credits Firma - Hair by JFK Nombre de la colección - Hair Peluquero - Hair by JFK Art Team FotÛgrafo - Faruk Mohammed Make up - Irene Rogers


Credits COLLECTION #AMMALITY  2017/2018 Cut by Bruno Barbeyrol Color by  Zak Bertrand Model:Chloé Florin Make- Up : Djulia Blin Olive Stylisme : Jérôme Blin Photographe : Felix Barjou 


Credits Pais – Reino Unido Firma - Francesco Group Nombre de la colección - Bohemian Peluquero - Francesco Group Art Team Fotógrafo - Richard Miles Make up - Kamanza Amihyia

Blue Dahlia

Blue Dahlia Peinados y cortes de cabello Ruiz Salon Team


Inspiration For my collection my inspiration comes from the youth in society today. The way that their lives are very self-focussed, and the attention is turned more inward than outward. How everyone takes the hundreds of “selfies” wherever they go and as a whole people are becoming more self-centred and numb to the world around them. As an extension of this I placed the idea of being one’s self... Leer más +



Zingara (meaning: gypsy in Italian) "The collection is inspired by the natural beauty of the world around us and its spiritual essence.  Music is something I love. It brings people together. I love that each artist can touch different people at different stages of their lives—and that different musical genres can be associated with different groups of people. I love the free, boho lifestyle—and I... Leer más +

Fifty Strands of Braids

Fifty Strands of Braids

‘Fifty Strands of Braids' When I started on this collection, I knew it was going to be a bit of a 'dark' one. But I never knew it was going to end up on the leather and bondage side of things. Then I fell in love with the movie "Fifty Shades of Grey" and watched it about 10 times in one week! But I need to make it clear it was the love story I liked the most... ha ha. When we started shooting I... Leer más +

Dark Minds

Credits Dark Minds by Anahair MakeUp by Anahair Fotógrafo Carlos Santero

Actividad de Adictos

11/07/2018 - 1:14pm
El presente-futuro de las producciones audiovisuales dirigidas a la publicidad y marketing Tranquilidad: que no cunda el pánico. Este es solo el rimbombante título que subyace en el original de...

20/06/2018 - 9:52am
Una cita con nuevas colecciones y con antiguos y nuevos compañeros Un año más, acudimos a la invitación que Raffel Pages nos hizo para asistir a la convención anual que realiza con sus equipos...

18/06/2018 - 10:30am
Nos adentramos en el alma mismo de Lluís Llongueras, en su arte y obsesiones Como cada año, Lluís Llongueras volvió a abrir al público su espacio de arte, su espacio de trabajo artístico, el alma...

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