Colección 2012 Duality de Chumba

duality |d(y)o͞oˈalitē|

noun ( pl. dualities )

1 the quality or condition of being dual: the novel's deep duality about human motive.

• Mathematics the property of two theorems, expressions, etc., being dual to each other.

• Physics the quantum-mechanical property of being regardable as both a wave and a particle.

2 an instance of opposition or contrast between two concepts or two aspects of something; a dualism: the photographs capitalize on the dualities of light and dark, stillness and movement.


My imagination has been tweaked recently by the design principles of Mid Century Modernism and this is the inspiration behind my collection.

I’ve mixed this with a glamorous futurism with particular reference to Bollywood.

This cocktail is balanced by natural design references with particular respect being given to the Fibonacci principle.

This collection is where the past simplicity of form meets the future resulting in irregular section patterns that glide from solidity to opaque to transparent.

Think optic fibres creating illumining hues and the striking hard architectural construction of the collection haircuts.

The haircut designs are architectural in construction with clean dominating shapes mixed with a touch of futuristic fantasy.

The Colours shown in this collection are metallic, transparency, and optical textures in hair shown side-by-side with very modern silky finishes. Mid Century Modernism meets updated flea market! Robin Egg Blue, Rhapsody, Tangerine Tango, French Roast Chocolate, Plink Flambé and Façade are the true words that represent my colour work inspiration in this collection.


Hair Colour: Belinda Keeley

Hairstylist: Carl Keeley

Photography: Andrew O'Toole

Make Up: Christine Gaunt

Styling: Vass Arvanitis


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by Amparo Fernández @ LA PELU
by Steve Elias
by Petra Měchurová
by Pop Academy Creative
by Debbie G with Mimi Kobayashi, Kay Matsui
by Rainbow Room International
by Jordi Pérez
Tendencia en peluquería masculina 2018
by Matt Stark
by Le Bal des Crèateurs
by Rush Hair
by Rush Hair
by Kam Hair and Body Spa
by Ruffians Barbers
by Crazy Color
Be you tiful de CDB
by Compagnia della Bellezza España
Mark Leeson Achromatic
by Mark Leeson
Furge Professional Lisa Farral Anti Ordinary trends
by Wig London for Fudge
by Raúl Zarco Team
by Xevi Jubany y Oscar Vera para KIN Cosmetics
by Mahogany Creative Team



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