Colección 2014 Allure de Blakeley para Yoshiko Hair

Allure is a collection which celebrates and honors the bewitching beauty of women.

Inspiration coming from individuality of my clients which I love and embrace.
Everyone from rock chick superstars to corporate business women.

Allure celebrates all the sexiness of women embracing their individuality and determination. Inspiration drawn from street fashion and Melbourne’s Underground music scene, alongside high end fashion from Europe’s Catwalks.
Seeing unstructured messy hair, alongside the return of stylized mullets.


For Spring /Summer we shall see a lot of texture and movement coming back into haircutting.
An updated version of the mullet shall make a re-appearance.
Undercuts shall continue to feature strongly, now being choppy in texture throughout the top instead of being heavy.

Short hair, I foresee undercuts being back with sides shorter; but with more length on top with lots of texture cut into it’

Medium length, mullets as well as bobs with be strong.
Bobs shall become more choppy with shorter textured fringes. With undercut panels to reduce bulk. Mullets shall be softer and sexier than seen before.

Longer hair, I see lots of layers and texture used with with asymmetry.
More natural finishes shall dominate with big brushed out waves.

Pastles shall remain are still strong, with soft metallic tones coming into fashion. Metallic tones such as slate, muted green, burnt copper and pearly blondes shall feature this upcoming season.

Colour techniques-Ballyage remains quite strong,as well as lots of fine slices thru the hair to create more texture and contrast.


Hairdresser: Danielle Blakeley

Colourist: Danielle Blakeley

Makeup Artist: Kim Tavares

Photographer: Peter Rosetzky

Salon: Yoshiko Hair, Melbourne, Australia


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