Colección 2015 MalaproPrism de Stevie English Hair

The “MalaproPrism” Collection was inspired by the unconventional becoming conventional: the beauty in individuality.

I have witnessed what used to be referred to as ‘counter-culture’ becoming increasingly mainstream, and this evolution excites my creativity as well as my personal values.

Swimming against the tide is not just acceptable, it is encouraged.

A malapropism is an amusing verbal fumble,and is often an endearing and loveable error.

A prism is an ordinary object until light hits it, and then it becomes magical.

I aim to show the beauty in irregularity, how traditional and classic styles can be redirected and diffused into something out of the ordinary and lovely, but in a different way.

I am interested in the way the more extreme elements of fashion have become ‘normal’.

Pop culture figures like Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj are pushing the boundaries of acceptable social behaviour, but people take their children to see them in concert.

Terry Richardson and Juergen Teller present their subjects in a way that is at odds with traditional portrait photography, and are among the most sought-after fashion photographers in the world.

I was inspired to showcase individuality with colour, to show how unconventional is the new conventional, how experimentation, error and creativity can have brilliant results.

The prism inspired me to explore the idea that something ordinary creates extraordinary beauty, how the extreme spectrum of fashion and society is expanding.

Everything is ‘normal’!


Colour: Stevie English

Hairstyling: Missy Veyret

Photography: Ben Cook

Makeup: Tahlia Plucke

Assistants: Lauren Priestly



by Jessica Sutherland for Rokk Ebony
by Robert Eaton
by Kevin Murphy
by Camille Albane
by Dessange
by Maniatis
by Jean Louis David
by Ludovic Chapalain, Jérôme Ponthieu et Raynald Bernard
by Franck Provost
by Fabio Salsa
by Coiff & Co
by Emilio Carrillo
by Ziortza Zarauza
by Sharon Blain
by Carlos Valiente @Salones Carlos Valiente
by Carlos Valiente @Salones Carlos Valiente
by Schwarzkopf Professional
by Schwarzkopf Professional
by Schwarzkopf Professional
by Bernat Sayol @Salones Carlos Valiente



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