Colección 2016_2 Young generation de Petra Mechurova

Youth full of new cuts, colours and styling – that’s the new Young Generation collection prepared by the Salon Petra Mìchurová’s young generation or young guns if you will.

The young generation looks for inspiration not only around but also within themselves.
It is the young ferocity and eagerness that lead them to higher goals and inspire their tendency to surpass given rules and typical trends.
Only thanks to this the hairstylists reach a higher level and we can thus watch their growing-up through their collections.

The Young Generation collection leaves freedom and movement to the hair thus keeping them natural and only freshly energizing them with intriguing colour combinations.

Basically nice firm hair are perfectly matched with bold details in cuts and colours that smoothly gradate up to extravagant style – even in men hairstyles.

This way the hairstylists are expressing their feelings, emotions and depth of their personality while the personality of the model also was the initiator of the idea about the final styling.

“I tried to create the hairstyle right for the model Eva as I know her and perceive her.

I felt that by merging pink and grey I will highlight her personality” adds Anna Pavlicová.

Jan Chvojka approached his work similarly while getting inspired by the Alice in Wonderland – merging a number of colours even in impossible combinations.

“The movie is an inspiration for me, those many colours, in the end I went for grey-blue combination which for me evokes sophistication and modernity and adds a deeper expression to the model” comments Jan his work.

A similar colour combination chose Jana Vrátná: “Unordinary colour combination of dark blue going white awakes in me the unchained power of sea, waves shattering the rocks and white foam covering everything around.

And that’s what I tried to intrigue into the model’s hair.


Peluquería/Hair: Anna Pavlicova, Jana Vratna, Jan Chvojka, Vierka Banasova, Zuzana Chromecková
Maquillaje/Make-up: Tomas Hemr
Fotografo/Photograph: Nikola Srajerová
Styling: Lenka Pavlu

Young generation
Anna Pavlicova, Jana Vratna, Jan Chvojka, Vierka Banasova, Zuzana Chromecková
Nikola Srajerová
Tomas Hemr
Styling: Lenka Pavlu


by Jason Hall
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By Rokk Ebony
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by Jessica Sutherland for Rokk Ebony
by Robert Eaton
by Kevin Murphy
by Camille Albane
by Dessange
by Maniatis
by Jean Louis David
by Ludovic Chapalain, Jérôme Ponthieu et Raynald Bernard
by Franck Provost
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