Colección Garçonne Otoño-Invierno 2010-2011 de Mahogany

Collection Garçonne The 2010 collection for the Metropolis is for the Urban Woman of the New Decade.

‘The Bachelor Girl (French: La Garçonne) is a novel by Victor Margueritte first published in 1922. English translation was first published in 1923 by Alfred A. Knopf.

It deals with the life of a young woman who, upon learning that her fiancé is cheating on her, decides to live life freely and on her own terms.

Amongst other things, this included having multiple sexual partners.

The title translates as "The Tomboy." The title addresses the somewhat ambiguous realm between definite gender roles, e.g. where a Judeo-Christian patriarchal society might place a free thinking, free living woman in its social strata.

Although the theme is not particularly shocking in the present day, at the time it was considered quite scandalous; it even caused Victor Margueritte to lose his Légion d'honneur. It has been adapted into a film four times, the most notably in 1936. (Wikipedia)’

The Collection is a reaction to spring’s pastel femininity and influenced by Dior Homme’s (famed for their precision cuts in menswear) first launch for women in 2010.

Garçonne is inspired by The Bachelor Girl, Coco Chanel, Helmut Newton, DIOR Homme and The Bloomsbury Set.

Coco Chanel was described as 'Garçonne' Demure yet Elegant...
Helmut Newton’s models were sexual and subversive women, his work portraying masculine images with feminine power.

The Collection was compiled using three techniques in cut and colour, sectioning patterns that utilises squares, circles and triangles.

The Bloomsbury Set were said to live in squares, have friends in circles and love in triangles.

Garçonne's colour techniques use strong, geometric shapes, subdivided with rays of colour.
We play with both colour harmony and colour contrast within each technique to create a finished look that is demure, yet has impact.

'Sunbeam' rays of colour pivot from one corner of a square shape.
Contrasting tones of True Gold and Rich Mahogany nestle in a Soft Beige-Blonde base. In 'Strobe' a ring of colour gives overlapping shots of Denim Blue and True Violet to a Bitter Chocolate base. 'Aurora' works triangular rays of harmonious Sunset Copper and Apricot Blonde tones against a creamy backdrop.

Collection Garçonne is




Feminine Power


Bachelor Girl

The hair is dressed with S4U to achieve a modern universal texture, sleek areas combined with wave and crimp.
Curl, with emphasis on accentuating the ends of the hair and sharp edged volume with escaping outlines.


Hair By: Richard Thompson, Colin Greaney and Darren Newton

Colour By: Vivica Davies and Tai Walker

Photographer: RichieCrossley (chicproductions)

Makeup: Gemma Hodgetts

Clothes Styling: Andrew Clancey



by Hairkrone
by Jessica Sutherland for Rokk Ebony
by Robert Eaton
by Kevin Murphy
by Camille Albane
by Dessange
by Maniatis
by Jean Louis David
by Ludovic Chapalain, Jérôme Ponthieu et Raynald Bernard
by Franck Provost
by Fabio Salsa
by Coiff & Co
by Emilio Carrillo
by Ziortza Zarauza
by Sharon Blain
by Carlos Valiente @Salones Carlos Valiente
by Carlos Valiente @Salones Carlos Valiente
by Schwarzkopf Professional
by Schwarzkopf Professional
by Schwarzkopf Professional



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