Colección otoño-invierno 2012-2013 Eastern Spirit de Caterina Di Biase para Heading Out

Six collection images inspired by the spirit of the Far East are the latest in Caterina Di Biase’s creative journey. As Artistic Director at Heading Out Hair & Beauty, Caterina’s innovative instincts have always been why her work stands out.

The images celebrate colour and texture and show Caterina’s fresh techniques that give her work a particularly individual personality and demonstrate her love for hair.
Shot on location, the creative team recreated the feel of a spectacular monastery; every corner being decorated with hangings or ornaments in vivid colours and the garments collated from international designers archives.

“Caterina’s 2012 collection shoot was a big departure from what's traditionally entered for the Hair Expo awards. Never shy of pushing the boundaries Caterina introduced a super saturated colour element, detailed layered styling and all to be shot on location.
Aside from creating a beautiful shoot, I think its success will be in the inspiration for others, showing that great hair imagery can be so much more than a headshot on a grey background,” says photographer Andrew O’Toole.

For this collection shoot Caterina played with new textures that underpin a fresh take on layering and developed a new technique that uses booth smooth and crisp hair textures within the same context, so that you see the ying and yang of choppy textures balanced with whippet like streams of silky hair.

Caterina’s colour work is always held close to her heart and for this shoot she used one of her new colour techniques called ‘Soft Centres’.

“When you bite into a chocolate with a soft, creamy centre, the delicious liquid oozes out.

For this shoot I used hair like chocolate, with strawberry pinks, caramels, mint green, light blues and orange colours underneath chocolaty brunette hair, to ooze out and break through creating a soft delicious look”, says Di Biase.

Make up artist Kylie O’Toole was heavily influenced by, “portraits of people in Mongolia with their rosy ‘wind burnt’ cheeks.

I wanted to take this look and mix it with pearly, luminous tanned skin to give it an editorial feel. It also tied in with the slightly punk oriental brief we were all working towards”.

Caterina Di Biase’s 2012 collection shoot shows that she is an intuitive hairdresser who never relies on seeking inspiration from what others have already created. Working as a ‘hands on’ hairdresser, she is always creating new ways that give her work that edge and distinctive look.

While she sees the trends emerging through popular culture, Caterina feels drawn to her own inspirations to develop new techniques.


Hair Director: Caterina Di Biase

Photographer: Andrew O’Toole

Make Up Artist: Kylie O’Toole

Stylist: Leticia Dare



by Jessica Sutherland for Rokk Ebony
by Robert Eaton
by Kevin Murphy
by Camille Albane
by Dessange
by Maniatis
by Jean Louis David
by Ludovic Chapalain, Jérôme Ponthieu et Raynald Bernard
by Franck Provost
by Fabio Salsa
by Coiff & Co
by Emilio Carrillo
by Ziortza Zarauza
by Sharon Blain
by Carlos Valiente @Salones Carlos Valiente
by Carlos Valiente @Salones Carlos Valiente
by Schwarzkopf Professional
by Schwarzkopf Professional
by Schwarzkopf Professional
by Bernat Sayol @Salones Carlos Valiente



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