Colección Primavera-Verano 2015 Redemption de Adam Ciaccia para Axis Hair

The ‘Redemption’ collection is about the rediscovery of my creativity, inspired by journeys to the UK and Italy this year to find new and genuine ways of expressing myself through hair.

After my award-winning collection ‘Glamdustrial’ in 2012, I created 4 more collections over the next 3 years, each pushing the creative boundaries a bit more than the last.

The ‘Reflection Collections’ (Black & White versions), ‘Neon Dolls’ and most recently, ‘Mussiro Masks’.

These collections did not receive the same recognition in the awards circles as the ‘Glamdustrial’ collection, which made me wonder; was my work was on the right path?

After taking on board feedback from other industry leaders, I decided I wanted to create works that express exactly who I am, as a leader and an ambassador for hairdressing.

I want to inspire others, and to do that I knew I had to be true to myself.

‘Redemption’ is about my vision as a hairdresser and an artist.

want to showcase creative, balanced, relevant and wearable collections that are attainable for the consumer. This is my goal and inspiration.

In an economic environment where people are cutting back on luxuries, creating images of attainable, affordable style may help tempt people back to the salon, ensuring a sustainable industry for generations.

#Real #Authentic #Genuine

The direction in this collection is authentic, diverse and consumer focused.

‘Redemption’ is balanced and comprised of short, mid and long styles that work with natural texture.

Non-authentic looks that involve, wefts, hairpieces and extensions, although creative, are becoming less appealing in the current environment.

There is a strong movement towards ‘real’ hairdressing, working with the real hair, cutting and styling, with limited digital intervention.

Colour is strong but with a refreshing element of simplicity.

The cuts in this collection are wearable, modern and relevant.

Short hair is classic and cropped, mid-length is shaped while working with natural textures.

The long shapes contain elements like layers and fringes that provide structure, through to soft relaxed ends that are easily worn, yet still beautiful.

From golden to platinum, blondes remain timeless. Dark shades are gentle and warm, leaning towards a red palette and away from the pastels and bright, psychedelic colour seen over the last few years.

My #Redemption


Hair: Adam Ciaccia

Salon: Axis Hair, Canberra

Photography: Jez Rozdarz

MUA: Amy Capeda

Stylist: Sofia Polak



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