Colección2015 One Girl Eleven Looks de Joey Scandizzo para Eleven Australia

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ELEVEN Australia has revealed their new campaign, ONE GIRL, ELEVEN LOOKS. Acolourful showcase of eleven unique hairstyles on one model. ELEVEN Australia Co-Creative Director and three-time Australian Hairdresser of the Year, Joey Scandizzo, found his clients think they can only change their style with a haircut. Few consider the endless possibilities mixing up styling products can have... Leer más +

Colección 2015 Quiche Eaters de Jules Tognini

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In this controlled, over regulated world we live in, real men make their statement through their hair. Their hair governs their look whether it’s untamed, grungy,individual, strong or real. The collection emphasises the individual strength that is MEN – rough, strong and confident. It emphasises men who have an “I don’t give a f**k what you think” kind of confidence. The objective behind my... Leer más +

Colección Primavera-Verano 2015 Mint de Toni & Guy Australia

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This youthful collection represents the debut of a next generation stylist who believes in statement hairdressing for men. Captured within the title - Mint, the collection is a series of images that look to induce a sensory experience for the viewer, a very clean and pristinely fresh take on the grooming story this season. The artist actually wanted the viewer to look at the men in frame and... Leer más +

Colección 2015 Rebirth de Papas&Pace

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Colección 2015 Urban Queens de Uros Mikic para Kinky Curly Straight

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Inspired by my recent trip to New York I fell in love with the variety the streets of New York had on offer. The soO, the elegant, the tough and the edgy fashion, lifestyle and architecture. I wanted to play with NY variety and the different looks, forming them into strong structures and then deconstrucQng the looks to achieve soOness and movement with a 1970s bohemian-­‐inspired look. The cuts... Leer más +

Colección 2015 MalaproPrism de Stevie English Hair

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The “MalaproPrism” Collection was inspired by the unconventional becoming conventional: the beauty in individuality. I have witnessed what used to be referred to as ‘counter-culture’ becoming increasingly mainstream, and this evolution excites my creativity as well as my personal values. Swimming against the tide is not just acceptable, it is encouraged. A malapropism is an amusing verbal fumble... Leer más +

Colección 2015 Poker Face de Raven Haircutters

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Colección 2015 40 Ans de Passion de Frank Provost

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Colección Primavera-Verano 2015 Noir de Laura Mac Leod

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Noir is a timeless collection inspired by boudoir fashion, the seductive art of wearing under garments as outerwear. Poised with tasteful decadence and stylish decorum, Noir is a stylists’ collection that focuses on refining elegant shapes and using light and shade to create beautiful compositions. Through the use of black and white photography the mood of this collection is intensified, allowing... Leer más +

Colección Primavera-Verano 2015 Streets of New York de Uros Mikic para Kinky Curly Straight

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I recently visited New York for the first Kme and I was heavily inspired by the true urban nature of the city. I love the variety of cultures, fashion and people roaming the streets, and in the same sense loved the individuality of each person I met. That is what I wanted to bring to my collecKon – the original, the individual, the ‘standing out from the crowd’ style of a man. In my cuts and... Leer más +



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