Colección 2016_1 Hustle de Tony & Guy Parramatta

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Hip Hop just sidestepped out of Harlem, popped a more polished collar, and stomped down the international catwalks quicker than you can say Kanye West. In 2015, Sports Luxe looked a little less street and lot more expensive, and provided a strong high fashion stimulus for stylist Nathan Cherrington to narrate his version of events in his collection entitled Hustle. Heavily influenced by... Leer más +

Colección 2016_1 Sinister Beauties de Tsiknaris Hair

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The swinging sixties & Vidal Sassoon revolutionised the hairdressing industry with his precise cuts, geometrics cuts and a-symmetric lop-sided bobs. In my collection I inspired to incorporate the classic lines and strong precision cuts with an androgynous feel that allured the naked eye. From under cutting to pure skin an ablaze of bold colour to highlight the statements of these cuts. About... Leer más +

Colección 2016_1 Rebel Rebel de Rokk Ebony

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REBEL REBEL was inspired mostly by 90's fashion and pop culture. I wanted to create a modern take on this style by creating bright and contrasting block colour placement in both the hair and backdrops brought together by black lines in the clothing and white accents in the accessories and nails. This collection was purposely created to be a combination of salon wearable haircuts mixed with my... Leer más +

Colección 2016_1 The Neo Dandy de Trendy Hair Fashion

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An elegant, nonchalant, ravishing individualist. He knows how to be remembered, how to make his presence felt. He also knows that in life we should always aim higher. A layered haircut with a longer top breaks new ground in styling. We create them with pastes, clays, pomades. This new way of expression becomes a new expressive power. Others follow him on this path. With a few days stubble,... Leer más +

Colección 2016_1 Inception, Inauguration, Rise, Dawn de Fred and Ginger´s

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Colección 2016_1 Patti and Co de Revolution Hairdressing

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The inspiration for “PATTI & CO’ collection comes from the heavy fringes of rock icons, Patti Smith, Chrissie Hynde, Karen O and of course Blondie. I love the sexy and strong nature that all of these woman have and the Rock and Roll attitude that permeated throughout their entire look, but especially their bold fringes. I wanted ‘PATTI & CO’ to capture that attitude and strong shape that... Leer más +

Colección 2016_1 Ukase de Rokk Ebony

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International Trend Vision – Young Talent bronze winner 2014, Scott Condon had one task on his mind for this collection – to make his models look strikingly androgynous. A rokk ebony principal stylist, Scott took a client-based approach, looking at the models’ face shapes, the strength of their hair and suitability of hair for certain looks. “None of the models were professional,” Scott said. “... Leer más +

Colección 2016_1 Tapestry de Sharon Blain

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The Tapestry collection, illuminates couture hair with effortless elegance. The collection is a blended harmony of fluidity, softness with regal architectural shapes. Achieved using fine elastic and sculptured braids, each look has been locked in place with elastic then expanded to achieve this feminine sensibility.

Colección 2016_1 Aftermath de Xiang Hair

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An oil spill in the ocean; a bird caught in that spill drenched in oil. It determinedly ruffles its feathers, and tries to get clean not knowing what had happened and why it is in this predicament. Its sole purpose is to survive no matter what the consequence. This vivid struggle and determination is the anchor of this collection; maybe we can learn something from nature and its determination to... Leer más +

Colección 2016_1 Boda en el campo de Yolanda Aberasturi

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No hay nada más chic que celebrar una boda en el campo. Por eso, Yolanda Aberasturi ha realizado un homenaje a través de su colección de novias 2016/2017. El encanto de la naturaleza y una finca con solera actúan de telón de fondo para presentar un estilismo de novias hecho a la medida. Los trajes son el contrapunto del estilo del peinado a elegir. Las tendencias de moda son compatibles con el... Leer más +



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