Colección 2011 Silhouette de Seung Ki Baek para Rush

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The Silhouette collection gives classic shapes, a soft expansion, creating dramatic sculptured, yet a feminine form; It was inspired by the strength of the androgynous, yet beautiful women. There is a strong message delivered through soft shapes with an underlining power of masculinity in the clothes and poses.

Colección 2011 Polished Punk de Sam Burnett para Rush

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With this collection I wanted to create wearable hair styles inspired by fashion, in particular the punk trend. I drew reference from the 70s and early 80s music escene, reinventing some of the era´s iconic looks and giving them a contemporary look that is accessible to today´s inspiring fashionable generation.

Colección 2011 de Jasmine Redstone para Rush

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My inspiration for this collection came from deep within the tropical rainforest; I analysed vegetation and toxic insects along with their intricate textures, vibrant colour work and muscular polished structures. This enabled me create an elegant collection with a sinister edge.

Colección 2011 Punk Deco Chris Williams para Rush

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Taking inspiration from Punk and the `Tatler´ set, strong shapes enhance regal features and the rebellious colour palate brings hair to life. Light reflects from the poster paint and pastel tones to enhance the strength and movement.

Colección 2011 Magnify de Rush

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This year our collection played on the idea of creating asymmetric styles by magnifying, shape, length and movement. Our aim was to create strong shapes with a two dimensional silhouette.

Colección 2011 Signature de Mark Leeson

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“This collection, Signature, epitomises my vision of creating beautiful hair on beautiful girls. I’ve taken editorial inspiration from Italian Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. It’s based around a feeling of touchable luxury and timeless elegance, with the hair being perfectly polished, oozing vitality and coloured intricately to create a perfect radiant aura. I was inspired by the major superbrands of... Leer más +

Colección 2011 Purity de Terri Kay para Mark Leeson

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“Purity is all about clean, simple shapes based on strong perimeters, creating individual statements. This collection epitomises my creative vision and oozes feminine beauty, revealing texture and visual strength, fusing traditional techniques with modern glamour.”

Colección 2011 Noir Romance de Mark Leeson

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“Noir Romance captures an atmospheric seductive dark beauty. The lighting and the photography reflects the hair in its most beautiful form, which pushes creativity to the limit by emphasising many forms of texture created using an array of skilful techniques.”

Colección 2011 Infinity de Mark Leeson

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“Infinity is all about beautiful colour on beautiful girls creating the ultimate on-trend collection. Colour is seamless and infinite and encapsulates fused dimension within strong but gorgeous shapes. The emphasis for this collection is the indulgent use of the colour pallet revealing beautiful condition and shine with strategically placed colour to enhance the hair cut.”

Colección 2011 Rock and Glam de Amparo Fernández - La Pelu

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