Colección 2010 Symbiosis de Karine Jackson

This year’s collection has been very exciting to put together.

Called Symbiosis – the living together of two dissimilar organisms – it uses Organic Colour Systems to achieve a high fashion look.

I wanted the haircuts and colour to be the main focus, and have done a lot of undercutting and strong bold colours.

Shooting on a black background using a ring flash has enabled the looks to stand out amazingly.

I want hair this year to make a statement but also be organic enough to wear every day.

Colección 2010 Men de Karine Jackson

These men's looks are really fun and move metrosexual to the next level with crimping, quiffs, and colour, showing that men can play with their hair too.

Even though the styles are very strong and include traditional styling techniques the finished looks are still very masculine.

Our hero product is Organic Control Systems No Plastic Spray Gel, and Organic Colour Systems was used to give depth and interest to the hair; colour is an integral part of men’s hair for 2010.

Colección primavera-verano 2010 Serenity de é Salon

Serenity tells the story of how hair can create a sense of elegance, beauty and tranquillity.

The elegance is seen through the texture and movement of the hair.

Beauty is found within the overall look and fusion between the hair and make-up.

The soft, natural look achieved within the collection highlights a feeling of serenity.

Colección primavera-verano 2010 Seraphic de é Salon

Current international catwalk trends and global advertising campaigns by the world’s leading designers have influenced Seraphic.

International session stylist “Guido” and his new age French rolls for Prada really inspired the taking of classic elements of hair “dressing” and “undoing” them, to create a modern texture.

Particular inspiration was also taken from the new Burberry campaign, hence the inclusion of a male model in the collection.

Colección primavera-verano 2010 Cinemathique de é Salon

Inspired by the Italian neo realism cinema wave, Coco Chanel and the modern beauty Audrey Tautou, this collection is a tribute to the sensuality of women.

The 1923 Coco Chanel statement "Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance" and its relevance today is what I have endeavoured to communicate through the intoxicating sensuality of the neo-realist woman.

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