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I set my mind to creating a collection that was authentically me, and embodied my passion for both women’s short hair cuts and traditional barbering. My collection includes six female models all whose appearance, personalities, background and hair types are vastly different all tied together with dishevelled structure, and unique beauty.

Titled FLAWSOME; an adjective created by supermodel and TV personality Tyra Banks. ‘Flawsome’ is used to describe something that is ‘awesome’ because of its flaws, embracing you, as you are and being ok with it. It builds confidence from the inside out, it alters our notions of perfection.

There is a common misconception that women with short hair appear masculine and are less desirable than they would be with long hair - especially to men.  My goal is to break that stigma, and create looks that compliment the wearer.  Length aside, women need to feel comfortable, desirable and work with what they’ve got!

The 6 looks I have created in FLAWSOME began with a very loose idea that was brought to life by tailoring each idea to the model wearing it.  I worked collaboratively with with them ensure each style was unique and personalised, making them feel beautiful and confident. There was no wigs/wefts used within the collection.  All haircuts were done using 100% of the models own hair. I used minimal styling and colour to promote natural beauty rather than altering them to fit a mould of ‘perfection’.`

FLAWSOME draws on structured shapes from iconic looks of the 90’s era, that were then modernised with different styling techniques. As well as current fashion forecasting showing a heavy 90’s influence, It was also an era that celebrated the rise of ‘girl power’ – a slogan that encourages women’s empowerment and confidence . Which is what I wanted to achieve & encapsulate with this collection.

Shape and texture are the most important elements of the collection.  The inspiration of the 90’s era is reflected in the shape, with strong technically perfect haircuts.  The dishevelled and textured styling techniques symbolise ‘Flawsome’ – take perfection, crush it and be awesome!

I chose to have the collection shot in black and white to highlight the different shape and textures within each style.  Removing colour from the equation increases the depth perception of the haircuts, revealing more detail and highlighting the importance of the shapes that have been created.

The styling and makeup was subtle, and was chosen to enhance the overall look. I was very careful not to have the makeup overpower the collection, as the haircuts/styles speak for themselves.


Firma: Rokk Ebony
País: Australia
Nombre de la colección: Flawsome
Peluquero: Jessica Sutherland
Fotógrafo: Elizabeth Kinnaird
Make Up: Sarah Baxter

by Jessica Sutherland for Rokk Ebony


by Hairkrone
by Jessica Sutherland for Rokk Ebony
by Robert Eaton
by Kevin Murphy
by Camille Albane
by Dessange
by Maniatis
by Jean Louis David
by Ludovic Chapalain, Jérôme Ponthieu et Raynald Bernard
by Franck Provost
by Fabio Salsa
by Coiff & Co
by Emilio Carrillo
by Ziortza Zarauza
by Sharon Blain
by Carlos Valiente @Salones Carlos Valiente
by Carlos Valiente @Salones Carlos Valiente
by Schwarzkopf Professional
by Schwarzkopf Professional
by Schwarzkopf Professional

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